Reportaroo is a data reporting solution that connects users with local councils, government agencies, service providers and other members of their community. 

Submitting reports via Reportaroo provides a Transaction ID that can be tracked through to an outcome.

Stay cool. Help is on the way!

Every report submitted via Reportaroo receives a Transaction ID that can be monitored via your account (privately) OR via an public link if enabled. Reportaroo helps take the stress out of reporting issues in your community.

User-friendly and empowering

Connecting with your local councils, government agencies and service providers via Reportaroo is easy - and allows users to track progress in a clear and manageable way.

Experts ready to help

Reportaroo is in it for the long haul. Team members will intervene when a report gets stuck in the system. We can't fix your problems ourselves - but we can do our best to connect you to the people and agencies who can.

For reporting community issues and ideas

Simply submit your issue report using the online form and Reportaroo will connect the issue to the relevant local council, government agency, service provider - or other members of the community - that can help you further.

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Explore, organise and enhance the data

Reportaroo supports open and confidential data feeds and we're constantly implementing new functionalities to enhance the way individuals, groups and organisations can collaborate productively together.

Advanced functionalities and services

Subscribing to a paid plan allows users to unlock advanced functionalities and features, including dashboards or alerts.