About Reportaroo

Reportaroo has been developed by a small Alice Springs based software development agency Spinifex Valley.

Through this project, we want to explore new data-flow methodologies - and try to push the boundaries of what is possible as concerns data visualization and decision making resources. We want to develop a solution that meets the diverse needs of our users but also inspires innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in the broader sector. 

Want to collaborate or have some ideas? We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch

Be a part of it!

We want Reportaroo to be awesome!

Our focus for now is to get the system and toolset right - especially at a local level - and then upscale/expand in a sustainable way.

Whichever direction this project takes, one thing is for certain, Reportaroo will depend on users to sign up, submit reports and provide feedback concerning what is working and what is not working well.

If you feel you've got the skills to work in a distributed development environment, let us know!

Data for Empowerment

Reportaroo is focused on exploring data empowerment at a community level and fostering active civic engagement.

By providing community members with user-friendly interfaces and relevant data dashboards, we aim to empower individuals to understand, analyze, and leverage data relevant to their region, thereby driving informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Over time, Reportaroo aims to bridge gaps in information accessibility, enhance transparency, and catalyse positive social change by equipping communities with the tools and knowledge necessary to address local challenges effectively.

Join us in our mission to harness the transformative power of data for the betterment of communities everywhere.