Reportaroo has been developed to streamline the process of reporting and addressing various issues within communities, organizations, public spaces and much more.

Whether it's a pothole on the street, a malfunctioning streetlight, a safety concern in a park, or any other issue requiring attention, our solution provides a user-friendly interface for individuals to report problems efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly InterfaceOur platform offers an intuitive interface accessible via web and mobile devices, making it easy for individuals to submit reports anytime, anywhere.

  2. Multi-Channel Reporting: Users can submit reports through various channels, including online forms, phone hotlines, and even social media integrations, ensuring maximum accessibility and convenience.

  3. Customizable Categories and PrioritizationAdministrators can customize categories for different types of issues and set priorities based on severity, urgency, or other criteria to ensure efficient handling and resolution.

  4. Geo-Location and Multimedia Support: Reports can include geo-location data and multimedia attachments such as photos or videos, providing detailed information to aid in assessment and response.

  5. Real-Time Tracking and UpdatesUsers can track the status of their reports in real-time, receiving updates on progress and resolution efforts, fostering transparency and accountability.

  6. Integration with Management SystemsOur solution seamlessly integrates with existing management systems and workflows, enabling efficient assignment of tasks, collaboration among teams, and tracking of resource allocation.

  7. Data Analytics and Insights: Administrators can leverage built-in analytics tools to analyse trends, identify recurring issues, and make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation and improve service delivery.

Our Issues Reporting Solution empowers communities, organizations, and governments to effectively address issues, enhance public service delivery, and foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

Join us in building safer, more responsive, and resilient reporting solutions together.

Stay cool. Help is on the way!

Every report submitted via Reportaroo receives a Transaction ID that can be monitored via your account (privately) OR via an public link if enabled. Reportaroo helps take the stress out of reporting issues in your community.

User-friendly and empowering

Connecting with your local councils, government agencies and service providers via Reportaroo is easy - and allows users to track progress in a clear and manageable way.

Experts ready to help

Reportaroo is in it for the long haul. Team members will intervene when a report gets stuck in the system. We can't fix your problems ourselves - but we can do our best to connect you to the people and agencies who can.

For reporting community issues and ideas

Simply submit your issue report using the online form and Reportaroo will connect the issue to the relevant local council, government agency, service provider - or other members of the community - that can help you further.

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Explore, organise and enhance the data

Reportaroo supports open and confidential data feeds and we're constantly implementing new functionalities to enhance the way individuals, groups and organisations can collaborate productively together.

Advanced functionalities and services

Subscribing to a paid plan allows users to unlock advanced functionalities and features, including dashboards or alerts.